Friday, December 9, 2011

Colby's trip to Augusta

I had a work trip to Augusta, GA for a new opening in November.  There is surprisingly little to do in Augusta so this is the brief drive I took around the city...

The Sibley Mill was the major manufacturer of gunpowder for the Confederates during the Civil War.  This tower is the only thing still standing from the original 26 buildings.

Some of the other buildings were re-built years later using original rubble.

We really tried to figure out how to get onto the Augusta National Golf Course grounds but unless you are a Fortune 50 CEO or PGA member, it aint gonna happen.  We even called and they said there are no officially licensed places for souveniers in Augusta.  This is one of the many gates into the club.

I believe this is the main entrance.  And yes, this picture was taken while driving by.  There isn't even any places to park.  I believe they run shuttles for spectators during the Masters.
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