Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Little Construction

Colby built a desktop for our guest rooms bed.  Yes, I did say desktop for a bed.  It will allow us to have a very large workspace when no one is visiting and we will drop it behind the bed when someone is here.  Pictures of the finished project will come later, please don't hold your breath though :)

Off to the left side, Colby router in a straight line so I can cut fabric just like they do at Jo Ann's!! Seriously, I can't cut straight if my life depends on it so this will help me tremendously!!

The completed line.  I just need to paint in it so fabric won't catch.  We also bought the edging to go around it.

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Oergel said...

Great idea - proud of the safety glasses!

Sydnie said...

Colby - you have come a long way since the WOW / MOM wood project you made for me!