Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do The Puyallup

Since we were able to visit the fair on a weekday and early, Elle was able to play on all the spring form trampoline!  If we win the lotto, we will have one of these bad boys in each of our villa's yards!

Next up the horse barn as we had to enter the fair through the green (aka 4-H) gate.  The Clydesdale's were amazing and Elle kept trying to neigh at them!  So super cute!!

Then we took a little break and watched the 4-Hers have some fun and compete in pairs for the fastest time.

Next up, Momma's personal favorite; The Cow barn!  It was open class week so no 4-H or FFA but beautiful pure breeds.  I believe this is a Scottish highlander getting her hair did!

The bull was scratching his back and was named Colby.  I just realized Daddy cut that out of this picture... hmmm

Ah, city kids will fall for anything. "Honey that there cow isn't real"

We stopped and listened to a stomp troupe who sang classic songs, Elle danced along!

After this look we realized it was time to find a quiet place to sit down and eat lunch!

In case you were wondering, yes Baylor did come with us.  He slept through the whole thing.. next year though he will be running after Elle checking everything out!
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Oergel said...

I can almost smell the scones... hmm, maybe your blog put me in the mood to bake a scone with raspberry jam. Yep it did! Cute photo's.