Monday, August 23, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, looks who forty!

We headed over to Spokane for my brother's 40th birthday party!  I have been terrible lately remembering to take pictures, not sure if it is because I am running after Miss busy body or because I really want a new camera :)  So I had to steal a few pictures for this blog from others!!

My sister-in-law Tracie, Marc with their children Olivia in the front, Marcus, and Emma (with her dolly)  Ceci and Sophie had a great time playing with their cousins!

On Friday night Poppi, Raymond, Marc, Colby, and Wes deep fried!  Turkey, sweet potato fries, and french fries.  Seriously they were looking around to see what else could be spiced up in the fryer!  Dang, I have to say anything fried is AWESOME!!

Poppi carrying the turkey in to be carved! 

August 14th is also my sister Tracy's birthday but she only turned 36!  Yes, same day but 4 years apart.  So to recount:  Marc- brother who turned 40 married to Tracie, Tracy- sister who turned 36 born on the same day as brother.  Crazy easy to remember names and birthday!! I do feel a little left out not being born on August 14th but I usually got a present on their birthday when I was younger as everyone felt bad for me :) hee hee, probably what added to my quirkiness that everyday was a great day to celebrate my birthday until I was 26 or so!

Enjoying watching the boys work!

Actual party pic stolen from Tracie's blog.  Thank you Tracie :)  We had a wonderful trip to Spokane and can't wait to go back next month for some Eagle football!!
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Oergel said...

Good times and great food!

Tracie said...

Thanks so much for can use my pictures anytime :-) It's always fun to see the different recaps of the same event.