Monday, August 23, 2010

Dan and Jessie got married!

Colby and I had the pleasure to attend the marriage of Dan and Jessie.  Dan is one of Colby's coworkers.

Before we left for the wedding we had one our neighor take our picture before we dropped Elle off for the evening.  I swear my dress was pressed before we left the house!

Dan and Jessie had a tropical themed wedding.  It was so beautiful and personal!

Notice the minister isn't wearing any shoes but argyle socks!  I wanted to pick him up and put him my pocket as he was so darn cute!!  He came out into the audience to ask us some very important questions regarding Dan and Jessie's marriage.

Ah, the kiss!

Colby was the music man for the wedding!  He took his job very serious and did a great job!

Breaking it down for me after the ceremony!

Our table at the reception!  All the small touches were fabulous!

The first dance as Mr. and Mrs.!

The flower girl was adorable!  She had on a little tutu! 

Colby and I with Jessie and Dan!

Colby with all his Coworkers.  We had a lot of fun sitting with them and chatting it up!

The DJ for the reception was dueling pianos from Chopstix!! So, freaking cool!! Everyone was singing and getting down!  A great wedding reception from start to finish!

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Oergel said...

Great photo's and story, everyone looks beautiful!

lana and drew said...

So fun. Love the dress & Colby loved how you got giggy with it. :)