Monday, August 23, 2010

Famous Peeps in our hood!

Our dear neighbor Amy and her family (Amy watched Elle for the first year of her life) were selected to be on TLC's Home Made Simple.  Our neighborhood was a buzz all week long!  I swear it was scene straight from Funny Farm!  Every neighbor was hanging out on their front porch, watering their lawn, waving, and enjoying everyone's company.  Remember on Funny Farm when the family was ready to sell and everyone acted out the Norman Rockwell attitude :)  Well, I LOVED IT!! It was so nice coming home from work and seeing all the neighbors out and about!

Okay so I was the stalker who took pictures from inside the house because I am a dork.  Here, the Mavens are walking down the street.  I had to get a picture of Elle watching them as they are famous!!

They did all the family interviews out front so this is through the blinds in Elle's room.  Remember I was incognito! 

The view through our guest bathroom window :)

Lastly the view from our office room. Hee hee, total stalker huh?  I really couldn't help it!!

They brought a ton of assistants who were super friendly.  I said "Hello" once but it counts!  Colby and our other neighbor Randy actually had the nerve to go over and *Gasp* talk to them!  Seriously, like talk, talk to them! 

There is our lovely neighbor Amy working on one of the projects! 

On Friday night Amy and Jeff allowed all the stalkers/Norman Rockwell's of the neighbor to come over and see the transformation and taste the yummy treats Amy cooked up with the Mavens as well as what was catered all week.  Yes, they even had a caterer!!  I am so pleased Amy and Jeff were selected as they are a very special family that Colby, Elle, and I adore!

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Oergel said...

You crack me up! I could totally see the Funny Farm scene. I could be the postal lady!

lana and drew said...

HAHAHA Good Job Kimmie. Way to be incongnito!