Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, Happy Day

Four years ago today Colby proposed to me at Cave B Winery.  It was such a surprise and happy day for both of us!

Funny story I got my engagement ring stuck on the wrong finger, so the picture we sent out to everyone showed it on my right hand, I got a lot of grief for it but here is the short version of what happened...

The ring didn't fit on my left hand so I put it on my right finger, problem solved or so I thought!  I think the mixture of hot weather and wine didn't help because when I woke up my finger was ginormous and ached!  Colby had set up a couple's massage for the next morning and the masseuse tried to work the ring off to no avail.  Since Cave B is very close to my parents house we popped over there to show them the ring and see if they could get it off my finger.  After icing it for a while and Grami threatening to take me to the fire department to have it removed . Colby and Grami were finally able to pull it off as well as the top layer of my finger!!   Of course, I am no quitter and tried again to put it on my finger again that night, hence Colby made an appt to have it sized immediately :)

In honor of the anniversary of our engagement I made Colby this which will be hung amongst our family pictures.  This tells the story of Colby and Kimmie :)  Super cheesy, I know but sometimes I like to be cheesy!

Family pictures hanging on the wall is on the to do list of 2010  2011!

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Tracie said...

Nice Job Kimmie...I love it! You are so talented and thoughtful. I never knew about the engagement ring either...that's funny!

Oergel said...

Awww, great memory. Can't wait to see the photo wall.

Tania said...

Yikes, that is quite a story. But I like the cheese too ;) What great memories.

lana and drew said...

LOVE it. Good job Kimmie!