Sunday, January 10, 2010

Five months old

Five months came and went way too fast.  It hit right at Thanksgiving and just as the Christmas rush started. 

Elle started to read...just kidding.  Elle received a letter from the big guy aka Santa!  She thought he wanted her to eat the note but then Daddy explained that it was a letter as he proceeded to read it to her.  Let me tell you she really minded her Ps and Qs until Christmas after that!

A quick run down of Elle's 5 month accomplishments:
-She loves her bumbo
-The jumperoo is awesome but we had to put the Wii Fit board under it so she could touch
-Interested in her toes
-Starting to sleep better and has been in her crib one whole month!  Personally this may be Mommy's accomplishment not Elles.  It was hard on her let's just say

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