Monday, January 18, 2010

Party like it is 2010

Happy New Year!!  2009 closed out a pretty great decade in my book!  I would go into detail but as my Mom always says when I start to tell a story of my college days "Stop, still too soon for that"....

We celebrated New Year's at my sister's house up North.  We made it till 9pm which technically allowed us to watch the NY Ball drop.  Colby and Wes taught Sophie and Ceci how to pop party poppers and snap its. 

We decided to steal a page from Tracy's blog.  Last year Tracy and Wes decided on a list of things to accomplish in 2009.  Colby and I were able to take part in a few of the activities and we enjoyed it so much we decided we need a list for 2010.  So, here goes...

1. Visit three beaches
2. Pick Blueberries
3. Pick Raspberries
4. Ride our bicycles down the cedar river trail to the park and have a picnic (4.5 miles each way)
5. Make a recipe from a cookbook once a week
6. Use recyclable bags for grocery shopping 25 times
7. Plant a vegetable garden
8. Build a shed
9. Paint one room in the house
10. With every present I give I will make one homemade
11. Shop less, save more (detailed out on our printed list)
12. Get a library membership and use it!
13. First book “Catcher in the rye”
14. Learn a dance routine
15. Watch the complete “Planet Earth” series
16. Go to the Zoo once a month with our zoo pass
17. Less processed foods more home cookin’. Sign up for fresh vegetable and fruit service
18. Finally open and watch the “I love Lucy” collection
19. Drink more spicy water and less fizzy pop (drink 12 cases of talking rain)
20. Visit Flaming Geyser Park
21. Visit Mt. Rainier Paradise entry
22. Go to a play, show, musical, recital, or opera
23. Go for a long Sunday drive and just enjoy the scenery
24. Enjoy a nice dinner out, dress up
25. Eat at a greasy spoon off the beaten path
26. Have a taco from a taco wagon in a hot place
27. Plan a picnic to three different spots
28. Finish Elleanor’s Christmas stocking
29. Learn to can
30. Antique shop in Enumclaw
31. Take 3 hikes using our I-90 corridor hike book

Elleanor’s 2010 list

1. Roll both ways
2. Sit up
3. Eat more food
4. Grow more hair
5. Grow more teeth
6. Wave bye bye
7. Crawl
8. Walk
9. Say Momma 1st, hee hee had to add it, sorry Elle back to you
10. Learn one knock knock joke (might be pushing it, uh?)
11. Sleep completely through the night 7pm till 5:30am. Currently 7pm to 2am, quick snack and then back down until we get her up at 5:30am for work.

These are some hefty plans but all and all should be a lot of fun!  If you want to take part in any of our adventures just let me know as I am starting to plan out a few of them!

My New Year's wish for you! 

I wish you Health... So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

I wish you the Love of friends and family... And Peace within your heart.

I wish you the Beauty of nature... That you may enjoy the work of God.

I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities... For those things that really matter in life.

I wish you Generosity so you may share... All good things that come to you.

I wish you Happiness and Joy... And Blessings for the New Year.

I wish you the best of everything... That you so well deserve.


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Ken and Sydnie said...

Wonderful posting! There are many items on your list that we would love to be a part of, or help plan. Here's to another great decade. (We have the Planet Earth series)

Ken and Sydnie said...

Ken also mentioned that his list for the year looks very similar to Elle's - go more hair, sleep thru the night, eat more vegetables....

Oergel said...

Great list - 2010 sounds like a fun year at the Sheet's. You know there is a good reason #13 was a banned book for teenagers?

Tracie said...

Sounds like a packed 2010. That is a great idea; Marc actually mentioned making a list too. We didn't get to far on that one though. Maybe 2011 :-)

lana and drew said...

Great list. Please include me on the list of zoo adventures. I have a craving for Wing Dome. Hmmm.

Tania said...

The 2010 list is a great idea. I just might have to borrow that one for the Loyds. :) Looks like you will have a very adventurous year!