Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're not twins

We headed north for some much needed cousin time!

Elle and Gia really enjoyed all of Gia's toys!  I would like to think Elle is giving Gia a good job pat and not a pinch.

Gia worked with Elle most of the weekend on sitting up.

Elle was a bit devastated when Gia wouldn't share her nemesis.

Gia enjoyed gnawing on her nemesis.

They chatted all weekend

"See Elle the book pages turn like this"
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Tracie said...

Great recap of everything! Looks like Elle had a great First Christmas. I love seeing her and Gia together...they really do look like twins! So cute!

lana and drew said...

Precious! Not twins... BFF!!!!

Oergel said...

Very cool - love the pat on the back photo. They are so lucky to be so close in age.