Monday, June 7, 2010

Pacific City

May was a jam packed month for us!  We had double plans every weekend!  The weekend of May 22nd was no different! Elle and I headed to Rainier, where I grew up, for a baby shower for a very close family friend.  Colby had the camera as he was going to meet us at the shower so we could continue on our way to the Oregon Coast for vacation.  I kicked myself when I realized we didn't have any pictures of Megan's shower.  The trip from Rainier to the coast was very quick as we were traveling in the evening.

We headed to the beach the very next morning for some tide pool watching.
I think Elle liked the view from Daddy's shoulders.

We joined Nick, Deidra, Marcus, and Holly in Pacific City.  Nick's friend let us stay at his beach house for the week. 

Marcus loved the water even in the rain!

Nick, Deidra, and Marcus playing in the waves.
We headed into Tillamook to tour the cheese factory and to get some much loved ice cream.  Elle sure enjoyed her first taste of huckleberry ice cream!  Not sure who the naughty ice cream sharer was... Okay fine it was me!  I swore I won't let Elle have any sweets until her first birthday but seriously, Tillamook ice cream is the best!  How could I deny her that?

This picture really sums up Marcus's feeling about sharing his bath time with Elle.  Elle has no personal bubble and wanted to sit as close to Marcus as possible as well as play with all his toys.  Marcus was not amused, especially when she started splashing about...
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Oergel said...

Yum, Tillamook huckleberry ice cream - that is a treat! Great photo's - love the bathtub shot.