Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Madelyn Yin Wan has arrived!

Colby and I were ecstatic to hear the news that Madelyn had arrived!  We drove straight from Ellensburg to Ballard to meet the newest baby on the block!  My, what a beauty!  Liz and Myron were over the moon and I can completely understand why! 

We were in time to witness the dressing of Miss Madelyn after a photo shoot.  Myron prepped her "Ninja" outfit and like a pro wrapped up his tiny burrito. 

Congratulations Liz and Myron, we are so happy for you!  Elle can't wait to play with Madelyn!


lana and drew said...

So precious! Welcome to the world!

Oergel said...

Nothing could be sweeter than a newborn babe. Elle will love watching Madelyn grow up.