Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Chairs

We headed up to Birch Bay last weekend for Ceci's birthday and Ceci and Sophie's ballet recital.  Tracy had the cutest adirondack chairs for the girls.  Elle and Gia had so much fun sitting in them and babbling to each other.  We will be getting these chairs asap for our house for three reasons.

1. Little babies in mini grown up chairs are adorable!

2.  Babies can't get down unless helped :)

3.  Elle stayed put for over 5 minutes!!

Seriously, could this be any cuter??  An extra bonus is that they sell adult ones to match!  Yes, without a doubt we will have these too!!

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Kristen Jeffers said...

Seriously, Kim? I think we're living parallel lives. G has a little yard chair that he sits in to supervise our gardening. You're right, mini chairs are freaking fabulous. I'll have to do a post on G's...I need to get to posting a lot, my hiatus has been too long. Happy Summer!

lana and drew said...

WOW super cute! What size would I be? I'm in between adult & child.

Oergel said...

Great pictures - love the looks on the girls faces! The chairs are great.