Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1st Quarter

Elleanor has now officially turned 3 months old. We can't believe it's been a quarter of a year! With that, we decided that she had definitely outgrown her Moses basket, don't you agree?

Tada! Time for the crib...(insert screeching tire sound here) but wait, that isn't a crib! Mommy wasn't quite ready for her to leave the room. (please don't judge) Just a little while longer in her intermediate bed before it's off to her own room.

Tonight we had a little photo shoot to commemorate the milestone.
This is her real outfit from today.

A little salute out to her peeps

All dressed up with nowhere to go but bed.

We still love this hat!

Looking back over the past three months, we have already learned so much from this little piece of heaven.
What we have learned in this short amount of time:

  • Packing your lunch at night means 5 more minutes to cuddle with Elle in the morning

  • Mommy is now trained to get up at the sound of Elle's feet slamming on the mattress and the fierce sucking of her wrist instead of a cry

  • Bath time is fun, and it keeps the plants watered

  • We have the best family, friends, and neighbors on the planet

  • Changing diapers isn't really that bad, and sometimes kind of funny

  • Never underestimate how much you can get done during a 30 minute nap

  • You can't prepare yourself for the immense joy of hearing your baby laugh

  • A wink and a smile will get you anything from Mommy and Daddy

Elleanor's 3 Month Milestones:

  • I love to smile at Mommy and Daddy

  • I can stick my tongue out and mimic eating during dinnertime

  • I can laugh in three different ways; belly, squeal, and gasp

  • My hands are no longer foe, but friend

  • I like to nestle under Mommy's chin when she gets home from work

  • I pass the sniff test every night after bath time

  • Cooing lets me tell Mommy and Daddy about my fun day at Amy's


Ken and Sydnie said...

She is so adorable - and so lucky to have a wonderful Mommy and Daddy that makes her smile!

Oergel said...

Great post! Love all the changes of clothes - what a great way for my morning to begin. My favorite picture is the one with her "real outfit" the green and brown are darling. The video was so sweet too! Nice job.

Tracie said...

So sweet. Brought tears to my eyes. I love how you embrace every moment with that precious baby girl! You are wonderful parents. And that adorable smile of hers gets me everytime!

Tania said...

She is just the cutest little thing. I love all the 'things you have learned' and the 'milestones'. It will be great to share all those with her someday. Love, love, love the video too. She really is telling you something. :)

Trax at home said...

Wonderful post. Elle is so darn cute. Sounds like she is doing a great job training mommy and daddy.
Love, love the pictures she has such a great smile.

lana and drew said...

Oh Elle you are so cute! Where's Anne Geedes when you need her... we just found her next model.

Tracy said...

She is way to cute. It just keeps getting better :)