Monday, September 28, 2009

Photo shoot

Colby and I had another busy weekend. Friday night I attended a jewelry show, it was really hard to contain myself but I only purchased a brooch that is super pretty and will look awesome with a dress, on a necklace, or in my hair. See purchase justified!

Any who, Saturday we headed into Seattle to visit my friend Michelle, who got engaged 9/9/9! How cool is that? Michelle and Bill plan to be married 10/10/10, even sweeter, huh? Michelle's ring is amazing and totally her, perfect! Bill had it designed and I meant to take a picture of it but instead Michelle turned our visit into a photo shoot with her new camera. Here are a few of the pictures. I hope to meet up with Michelle this coming weekend to burn a cd with all of them as they are awesome and she took at least 100 pictures!

Little wink for the camera to get things started!

Family photo

Michelle "vintigized" this picture so it has the 80s feel to it!

We have a ton of pictures to post as we did the Light the night walk Saturday as well as pictures from the beginning of September which is over in two days! Can you believe it?? I just can't get over it and that Elle will be 3 months old tomorrow!


Oergel said...

Very cute photo's!! Elle is changing so much, every day she looks different. Thanks for the update!

Sydnie said...

Once again you have photos suitable for framing. What a great looking family.

Tracie said...

Adorable pictures! I love Elle's little smile; it totally brightened my day :-)