Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Other Projects From This Weekend

Kim Finished up this rope rug for Tracy. It's out of the Martha Stewart Craft Book she got for her birthday from my parents. She plans on trying to do a project from each chapter in the next year.

Kim also made Elle a hair barrette. I think she might have jumped the gun on Elle's hair style but it is very cute.

Next up was the artwork. A little modge podge, craft paper, canvas and voila!

A few frames and pictures that were scattered around the house found their perfect mates

Kim also cooked up a storm on Monday in the hopes that it would last all week. On the menu is breakfast casserole, potato bacon torte, bananna bread, and a host of other dishes.

I spend some quality "guy time" out in the garage building this wine rack for the closet. Apparently I caught the HGTV bug too.

The finished rack all loaded up. I guess I have to build another one before we can buy any more wine.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend and relax a little bit more than we did!


Tracy said...

I have been dying to see this post! Absolutely amazing. You guys did a wonderful job. Your bedroom is beautiful. I am so impressed and feel darn lazy too.

Oergel said...

Laurie, Genevieve, Doug, Ty and Vern Yip would be so proud of your creativity and ingenuity. I see a dash of Laurie on the headboard, Vern on the lamps, Genevieve the art, Ty the building parts and Doug the overall cometogetherness! You guys did a terrific job – can’t wait to hear what the next project will be. I am so glad you are enjoying being homeowners!!! Improvements are like money in the bank.