Sunday, February 22, 2009

G day is upon us!

Tomorrow February 23rd is G day! We are so stinking excited to find out what Baby S is! Today we did the wedding ring test.

This an easy baby gender prediction method to try. Take a pin, needle, or wedding ring and attach it to a thread or strand of hair. Hold the dangling item over mom to be's belly while she is lying down. If the needle or wedding ring swings in a strong circular motion, you will be having a girl. If it moves in a to and fro motion like a pendulum, you will be having a boy.

It predicted a girl. However, the poll here along with the Chinese calendar predicted boy so we are back to 50/50.

Tomorrow we will let you know what it really is!


Megan said...

Holy crap, I totally didn't realize it was tomorrow! I am so excited to find out too!

lana and drew said...

WOW... girl huh? I can't wait for the ultrasound. My predicition is correct so far (if the string method works).