Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Saturday morning, we headed down to the Pier in search of Trish's donut shop. I am pretty sure Wes would have approved of their donuts.

We found ourselves a nice bench to eat and watch the tugboats go by.

The wharf pass included a tour around the bay. This was our boat, I was a bit unsure of it with a man on the front. Where was the mermaid, to protect us??

Crusin' under the Golden Gate bridge.

It really was a nice day, even the seagulls were out for a tour.

Wind blown hair!

The 90 minute tour was worth every penny!

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Tracy said...

Donuts and a Coke! Doesn't get much better than that!!! You guys make me want to almost visit San Francisco again.

lana and drew said...

is that a bucket of donuts? i love it!!!!

Oergel said...

Gorgeous photos - bucket o'donuts, fun!