Sunday, July 20, 2008

Palm Sunday

Our weekly ritual of going to Home Depot is never a let down! I have had my eye on their palm trees but they have been way to spendy so I was extremely happy when we walked in there and they were marked down to $9.88!! I did have to beg a bit and promise to try to keep it alive for at least 6 months but I think in the end it was well worth it :) Colby was surprisingly happy with it once it was in the house. He just kept saying "really the sign should have say buy one pot get a free fern" Well we had to buy a pot, ya know it would look silly in the living room in a plastic tub...

The flowers we received at our housewarming party have been growing like crazy. I do agree miracle grow, truly does work miracles on plants!! However it also helps weeds too... Colby and I spent the morning weeding the garden beds as well as pulling all the unwelcome raspberry bushes that want to take back the hillside! Ah, the simple joys of home ownership!! Our backs are a bit sore but it sure is nice to be working in our own yard!
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Oergel said...

The palm looks perfect! Great eye. All of your plants look amazing - you guys are doing great!

PS: The pot is amazing -

Lana said...

Great palm & LOVE the pot! Totally worth it.