Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life as a 30 year old

As you can tell from our delayed blogs. Turning 30 has slowed both Colby and myself down :) Just kidding! We have been experiencing the joys of home ownership! But I feel we have neglected the blog for far too long so today this post is dedicated to all the 30 years out there!Yes, Liz it is true you were the first to go :) Andy cutting the cake was 3rd in line for the big 3-0!

Here is Christy the second one to venture into the "New 20s" with Holly who was 4th to turn!

Holly's 30th Birthday and here are a few more from that night! Mom and Dad you should look away now :)

Yes, Mom I did warn you...

Myron has been 30 for a little while so the jello shot was a bit hard for him.

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