Thursday, July 17, 2008

From New York to New York

So I spent the weekend in New York on Long Island in very muggy 95 degree heat. So where do I end up at the end of the week? At the New York, New York casino in a very dry 106 degree heat. I needed to run to Vegas for a day for work and I decided to do some recognisance (sp?) for our mini-vacation we are planning for next weekend. I couldn't resist swinging by the strip and going into the hotel and seeing all the "sights" that I didn't see over the weekend. My co-workers and I may have made it to the beach but I have still yet to go to downtown New York. I guess one if these days we will have to break down and head to the Big Apple for a vacation.

I also wandered next door to the MGM Grand and found one of their lion playing in their pen (honest, the picture is of a lion. It's name was Bora and he's a 7th generation decendant of the Lion at the beginning of the old MGM movies) We will definitely be going back next weekend with a real camera and not just a cell phone camera.

Here's looking forward to a nice and "comfortable" 80 degrees in Seattle!

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Oergel said...

Okay - now I want to go to Vegas! Can't wait for April!