Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes, we're still here

What do you know, we finally get internet back so we can blog whenever we want and now we are so flippin busy, we don't have time to sit down. Kimmie hasn't transferred the rest of her pictures from the camera but I have a few to share.

For those of you wondering, we have moved into the house. Thanks to a bunch of help from Donny, Wendy, Sydnie, Randy, Brian, Liz, Myron, Matt and Megan (and Alexis) everything got moved successfully to Maple Valley. Matt and Megan came down Friday night to help pick up the truck and load most of the boxes. Megan and Alexis were in charge of the controls for the lift gate and they didn't drop us once.
Saturday morning came and the rest of the crew showed up ready to work and I was left spinning in circles pointing at things to load. Who knew we could fill a 24' Budget truck and then some with all of our stuff!!

We all made our way to the new house where once again, I was left shouting out as fast as I could where everything went. As soon as I would say it, the item was on it's way and the next person was already asking. With all this help, we were done unloading by noon with smiles still on everyone's faces.

After dropping the truck off, Wendy and Donny and I came back to the house to meet the GE delivery guys with our fridge and washer and dryer. While we were waiting for the guys to install everything, Wendy looked in the backyard and saw a doe and her baby wandering through. (This is very eerie since the first day of moving into Gregg's house, there were deer standing in the driveway.) Kim still had the camera in South America so you will have to suffer through a camera phone montage, but it was still very exciting to see.
We will definitely have to get the fence up before Kim plants her vegetable garden next year.
Stay tuned for more from Kimmie's trip to South America and maybe some blackmail pictures from Boise ;o)


Tracy said...

Oh Deer, looks like you are finally home!

Oergel said...

Maybe the BNSF crew was scouting for next hunting season..... the house looks great, glad so many could help. Wish we could of been there too!

out in the boondocks said...

I am so happy for you!!!