Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Restaurante Maria do Peixe

Maria's restaurant of fish. This is Tim's favorite restuarant and now I truly understand why!! Tim has been talking about this restuarant for as long as we had been planning this trip. Our old co-worker Dirk was jealous to hear we were going to eat at Maria's. James called in one hour before we wanted to eat. Lucy Maria begins cooking and as soon as you get there you are served. The menu is fresh fish of her choice. The outside of the restuarant.
The inside was beautiful, fully open to the outdoors. Tiki is the wood of choice here and it is everywhere.
The tables were neatly arranged. Tim loved the chairs as they were quite comfortable and very pretty.
Tim, super excited waiting for lunch! After the first bite Tim said "ah just like how I remember it" Truly amazing!I took this picture thinking all the food had been served but I was wrong they brought several more plates. We had fresh fish cooked two different ways, rice, beans, tomatoes, potato salad, and a few other things I did not know. The hot sauce is aged in a barrel for 1 yr and man, it is hot!
The chef is Lucy Maria the daughter of Maria. Maria had retired. She was so cute!! She came out and greeted every table after the meal was served.


Lana said...
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Lana said...

my post didn't work the first time.... here it is in it's full glory

the food looks amazing, wished accounting aka... lana...could travel. I thought your schedule was filled with meetings and more meetings, but overall you are still alive... is this like mexico where you can't drink the water? more cola light please.

Oergel said...

What a gorgeous restaurant! Meeting Chef Lucy Maria was a real treat. Were there any other foreign guests? I love dining al fresco!

Tracie said...

Ok...I think you are ready for your own Discovery Channel show now. I love this! The stories and pictures are great! Thanks for all of the updates. Can't wait to hear more in person!