Monday, June 2, 2008

Toto, this doesn't look like home...

After 48 hours of traveling, I have finally made it to Petrolina, Brasil!

Sunday Tim and I landed in Sao Paulo. We had roughly 10 hours before our connecting flight so we checked in the transfer hotel, which is a Marriott close to the airport that you can rent a day room. The hotel helped us set up a driving tour of the city with Pa'. He was super nice and showed us as much of the city as possible in three hours. Sao Paulo can be dangerous so we only got out the car once for a picture in front of the football staduim. Pa' was very proud of this hometeam! The view out my window at the transfer hotel in Sao Paulo

Football stadium, holds roughly 80,000 people!Sao Paulo is home to over 34 million people. Most of the skyscrapers were apartments not office buildings.
Old and new mixed throughout the city.The hotel below was shaped like a giant boat. Sort of a modern Noah's ark!

This statue was given to the city but neither Tim nor I could understand Pa' and who gave it to them. We had a wonderful tour that put us back at the airport for our flight to Petrolina... Monday we start our meetings bright and early.


Oergel said...

Very cool! Thanks for updating - take lots of pictures. How is the weather?

Tracie said...

Great tour! I love how your blog has all of your guys' different travels. So fun for those of us stuck at home :-) Thanks for sharing...can't wait to see more!