Monday, June 2, 2008

My little slice of the palace

The Petrolina Palace hotel is like nothing at all I have stayed at before. As Dad would put it "this is not a place Oergel women would stay." Thankfully Tim had warned me that you have to walk down a very long hall to get to your room and it has sensor lighting along the way. I have the room at the very, very end of this hallway. As you walk the lights in front of you turn on and the lights behind you gradually turn off. Once at your room you have to get your key in the door and open kind of quickly or the lights go off. It has taken me the last two days to finally get into the room before the lights go off. I imagine I look like a chicken flapping me wings frantically trying to turn them back on with my key stuck in the door! Yesterday morning Tim broke his key off in the door of his room... Getting closer. See how it is lighting up along the way.

I am lucky to have a suite. This is my front room. No outlets in this room so my computer is plugged into the only outlet in the bedroom.

My room. There is no clock so I use my cellphone as an alarm clock. This probably is because once in your room to get your own lights to work along with the air conditioning you must put your key in a slot next to the door.
So to recap I walk down the long long hall like a chicken flapping my wings then throw open the door. Slid my key into the slot to get the lights on then quickly take it out of the slot and lock the door from the inside all before the interior lights go off.

I am happy to report I am coordinated enough to do this!! Wow, I am good or what!


Oergel said...

For some reason I really thought the Petrolina Palace would look a little more like Miami! It is good that you are young and coordinated - I'm not so sure I would be able to pull it all together before I was in the dark. I do prefer indoor hallways for safety in a motel. Hope you are sleeping well.

Lana said...

Way to go Tim.... put our Kimmie is a strange hotel. I guess the pictures doesn't give the actual hotel justice. Told you so... the pictures are from 1970 or something like that when the hotel was at its prime. Maybe next time you should bring a roll of TP and throw it down the hall to get lights before you walk.

Tracie said...

Oh My! Sounds like an adventure...not sure I'd want to take it though :-) Stay safe!