Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Madness

Well, it’s Colby again…

I’m not in the air but I am in an airport. Chicago-O’Hare to be precise. I wasn’t completely thinking when I packed the bags this morning and forgot to throw in the passport. I remembered about 50 feet from the check-in counter and there was no way to make it home and back by takeoff. The only alternate itinerary left me with a 4-hour layover in Chicago with not much to do.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend in Ellensburg. On Friday, Kim and I went and finally went over our pictures with Molly, our photographer. It almost took as long as the wedding but we are really happy with what we are getting.

Saturday morning, the caravan (I believe 3 cars surely meets the definition) mounted up and went to Olmstead state park where the Moose club put on a great Easter Egg hunt. This is the girls right before the frenzy began.

We all either took a child or took a camera for the event and had a great time.

Afterwards, we strolled around the park for a while and enjoyed the scenery before we headed home.

Bruce finally got us all out bowling on Saturday afternoon. Here are Kim, Marc, and Bruce showing off some of their smooth form. Now I have to start to practice if I am going to be going to Vegas for nationals next year.

On Sunday, the Easter Bunny visited and there were more eggs to hunt for in the front yard. The girls were just as excited as they were the day before and there were plenty of treasures to go around. It was pretty cold but Marcus watched his sisters and cousins go at it. By next year, I can see him taking his fair share.

Here is Soph and Ceci comparing their finds.

On Sunday, we drove home via the new house and saw that they had sheet rocked the entire place. Unfortunately, all of the picture taking from the weekend had drained the battery so we don’t have photos but hopefully we can get some soon. We hope everyone had a great Easter!


Oergel said...

Hope your trip is going well - glad you were able to post during your layover! Thanks for coming over this weekend - I know its hard for your folks to share their only son with us. Thanks Ken and Sydnie! The photo's are great, we had so much fun.

Tracie said...

Great pictures...thanks for sharing. Thanks for all your help with the kids too. It was so nice to see you guys and hang out!