Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, the week has been crazy but here is what we have. The first picture is from last Sunday morning. We went out to show Kim's Mom and Dad the house and found most of a roof and preparations for windows. We got to finally walk through the whole house and check out the views out all the windows. (unfortunately I didn't think to actually take pictures of those views.)

On Tuesday, Colby flew to Simi Valley, CA for work and stopped by the Reagan Library. Unfortunately, 3 pictures in, the battery died on the camera so we will have to see more when he goes back in another month

Yesterday, Colby's friend Holly came over for dinner and we went to see the house again. Now those windows are installed and we have shingles on the roof. They were doing plumbing work so we couldn't go inside but plan on checking it out this weekend. (You can see that they fixed the banister on the stairs so we feel much better)

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Oergel said...

I met one of your neighbors yesterday in Ellensburg! The lady is a legal assistant for an attorney in Maple Valley. She knew right where the house is! Nice lady - Also Sarah's sister lives down the road from you. Small world!

The windows look great - the house is going to be fantastic!