Thursday, March 20, 2008


Greetings from 30,000 feet. This is a new experience. I am without a seatmate for my flight back from Honolulu and had some time to try and catch up on the blog. We aren’t yet to the point where I can log onto the internet from up here but I can see that time on the horizon. Since it has been a while since the last post, specifics may be a little fuzzy but I will see what I can do and I will apologize in advance for the length…

The first three pictures were taken way back on the 8th of March. We got there and they were working on the siding and had made it all the way around as high as they could reach. Bruce was working in the area a couple of days later and swung by (we will have to get working on the gate in the back fence) and said it looked like a swarm of bees with everyone working. I also put one up of the backside view of the house. The place looks big from the front but even bigger from the back. The last picture is out one of the bedroom windows. We get to evaluate what all the neighbors have done in their backyards, but we won’t have to stare directly into someone else’s windows.

The next picture is just to prove we have some latent handiness in us. Kim bought some placemats with backing and turned them into these cute little pillows. I don’t have the pictures, but we also reupholstered the dining room chairs. Not bad for an afternoon’s work.

This is my cousin Sarah and her first round of ultrasound pictures. We found out that her and Josh are expecting while we were gathered together for my grandma’s birthday celebration (Yes, that’s sparkling cider) Happy Birthday Norma Lou!!

We went back out to the house on the 15th and saw that most of the house next door had been completed. It’s actually going to be the same model but with a different elevation and orientation. We also found that most of the cabling, electrical, and plumbing had been completed. We could check out where all of the outlets ended up in relation to where furniture will go. We got a “lumber drop” confirmation which was a little obvious since the lumber is already being used. We now have a tentative closing date of June 16th. Just in time for our 30th birthdays!

Kim’s Mom, sister Tracy, and the monkeys came to visit for the weekend. After a two hour trip to Ikea and a full day with the girls, we lost Kimmie even before Soph and Ceci.

On Monday, we went back out to the house and our Fireplace is installed and those little blue pipes are called “Smurf Tubes”. We will be able to have our TV in the cutout and run our cables down to either side of the fireplace where we can put all the rest of our equipment (read: Colby’s toys). However, if you do the math, there is 1 input and 2 outputs in the picture. We are still checking to see if they forgot to finish the one on the right. This last picture is of the air intake back to the furnace. I hope our gnome doesn’t fall in.

Now a couple of pictures from my trip. Once again, didn’t have too much time to explore (or not enough motivation after a long flight, I don’t know). Still haven’t gone to any of the sights in Honolulu but drove past most of them. I was bored sitting on the balcony last night listening to the ocean and the band playing in the restaurant next door and started taking some night pictures and playing with settings. Here are a couple of my favorites. Let me know what you think.

We hope everyone is doing well and can’t wait to have everyone over for the greatest housewarming/combined 30th birthday party we have ever had!!!


Tracy said...

Love this post! Can't wait to see you again tonight.

Sydnie said...

In Hawaii with Ocean Sounds and music playing? And you're bored?!? We feel so sorry for you! Good thing you got home in time to listen to the rain.
Hope you had a safe drive over the pass. Give everyone a hug.
Mom & Dad

Tracie said...

Great post! So fun to see the progress on the house. I agree with your Mom...bored in Hawaii? I feel sorry for you too :-) Must be rough! I do like your pictures though...very creative!

Megan said...

The house is coming right along! Can't wait to see the finished product!