Monday, September 27, 2010

Homemade Diaper

Teething bites!  Elle has been dealing with 4 big fatty molars that want to conquer her little tiny mouth in a slow painful way!  Every time a tooth tries to appear Miss Elle's bum is a mess.  The rash is painful and without a doubt the worst thing we have had to deal with.  We have been letting her run around naked but this makes us on edge as we are afraid nature will call in during naked time.  So I decided to make her a homemade diaper while running around the house.  I have it say it was hilarious!!   So to start, I took a racer diaper cover and lined it with a burp cloth.  She looked a bit cold so I added baby legs.

Seriously Momma, why you laughing at me??

Running to Daddy for help and a shirt!  The rooster tail was cracking me up.

Elle made a break for the stairs.  

What?  Just going up stairs, okay?

Yes, I know you are laughing but why?  The bum says #1 and the shirt says 1st prize. 

Okay that is funny! 

 I am just going to sit here until you pull yourself together Momma!

Post Edit: Colby wasn't enjoying the free range diaper so we took it off her and while I was grabbing a real diaper nature called... Colby grabbed Elle and tried to make it to the kitchen.  Lucky for us she finished by the time they hit the linoleum... Needless to say we now have organic plain brown diapers for teething days.
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Oergel said...

Great idea with the flannel diaper. Cute story!

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