Sunday, September 26, 2010

Instructions to opening a present

As presented by Elleanor:

Step 1.  Stare at bag and prepare to remove tissue.

Step 2.  Crawl partially into bag in order to begin removing tissue.

3. Begin removing one tiny piece of tissue at a time.

4. Present retrieved.  Push to Daddy to have it opened up.

5. Proceed to sit in the block container while playing with new princess blocks!

Thank you Charlotte, Carla, and Matt!  Elle loves them as you can see! 

I can't wait for Christmas as Elle is has officially figured out how to open a present! YEAH!!
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Oergel said...

Cute story

Carla Snook said...

super cute. :) i need to see a pic of her holding the princess in her mouth like you said she did. :)