Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Where the updates go?

Colby and I have been reevaluating our budget this past month  and with that we have been making changes.  One of the biggest changes we made was to our TV, phone, and internet service. Gasp, yes, Comcast we are leaving you for someone else.  We left comcast and entered the world of Direct TV and what a change!  We now have 10,000 channels!  With so many channels how do you watch them all you ask?  Well dear readers it is simple we use the DVR or Direct TV which stores thousands of hundreds of shows.  Anyways with this being said the change over was fairly smooth until I opened my mouth  "Honey, I am home!"... 

Flash backwards to Saturday.  Cable TV check, Phone check, internet needs tweaking/installation.  I decided to lay down the law and stated " we should return all the Comcast equipment" Colby replied "I think that is a bad idea until we find out if I can install the ethernet cable between the beams of the roof, wahwa wahwa, wahwa" Me: Oh, look something shiny on the ground and then I pipe up with/throw the "we are trying to save money card on the table"  Thus Colby marched into Comcast carrying a Direct TV box full of Comcast equipment.  Do you think they asked why we were quiting?  Nope, I think it was loud and clear. 

Flash backwards to Sunday.  Apparently the cable Colby had to run from the office to our bedroom is important in order to have internet.  Apparently this was stated between the wahwa wahwa part.  Never less I now know it is important to listen to the whole conversation.  Where am I going with this, you ask?  Well, we will not have internet until December 4th at our house... Whoops, my bad.  So I will be updating from work on one of my regularly scheduled breaks.  Here is the first of my photo montage called
"Things I see from my awesomely cool iphone"

Elle had to be the first pic of course!!

**PS did you get all my TV show references?  Does Captain Obvious need to point them out? Hee hee, I crack myself up!


lana and drew said...

"Seriously? Seriously? HEY YOU GUYS!!!" Congrats on your big move. How's that for some TV/Movie references?

Oergel said...

Funny post! At least you are married to an IT guy - I would be SOL until either Colby or Wes showed up.... by the way I changed the channel upstairs and we haven't had the TV since October. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Tracie said...

Hey...great post. We are considering the move to Direct TV too. I just got something in the mail on it and we just got done discussing it.