Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flower hats rock

Elle has always gotten quite a kick out of flower hats and yesterday Lana sent me home with two new hats for Elle that she knitted!  Aren't they totally fabulous!!

Mommy wishes she could knit like this!!  Maybe I will add it to the long list of things she would like Lana to teach her!!  The other hat is green with a pink flower but the picture of Elle wearing it didn't turn out but I am sure we will have plenty more as she wears them this winter.

Thank you Lana again for the beautiful hats!
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Kristen Jeffers said...

Super cute! I wish I could knit too. I have been searching high and low for a simple brown hat (sans flowers and frills) for Griffin, but I can't find anything. If only I could do it myself. Elle wears that hat well.

Tracy said...

I love the hat! Lana is so talented!!!

lana and drew said...

I'm so happy that the hat fits her. She's my little test baby on sizes. She's so cute!

Oergel said...

Great hat - great photo - love the photo with the Hawaiian print quilt. Very cute!