Sunday, April 19, 2009

Evening out with the girls

For Christy's bachorette party we headed to Portland for Fondue and Trannies...

We went to Darcelle XV & Company after a very lovely dinner at Urban Fondue.

Yes, that is a man but aren't those some nice legs?

Darcelle, himself singing Rhinestone Cowboy!

Boy George in all his glory!

The reason you NEVER EVER, No how, no way place money in your mouth!!

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Oergel said...

I can just hear the converstion at Darcelle's..... hmm, Liz, Christy, Holly.... I don't believe we're in Pullman anymore. My Momma's not gonna like it if we get raided at a place like this.

The "Girls sort of remind me of Priscilla Queen of the Desert meet The Birdcage.

Oergel said...
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