Monday, November 3, 2008

Whoa there Big Boy!

I guess I am becoming a travel nerd of sorts. I saw this jet as I was waiting for a flight at LAX last week and just had to stop and take a picture. This is the newest plane for Qantas Airlines out of Australia, the A-380. I had actually looked at the stats after a recent contest on the Alaska Air site. The plane is 238 feet long, 79 feet tall and the wing area is 4 1/2 times the square footage of our house!

It has 4 different classes inside - economy, economy plus, business, and first. All but the economy are first-class size seats and all come with power ports, USB, Internet access, and your own travel kit. I guess you need those types of things on a 10-20 hour flight with 450 people on board.

To give you some perspective, that little plane next to it is what I normally fly on - a 737!!
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Tracie said...

Wow! That's one big plane!