Sunday, November 16, 2008

Green noodles

I have stumbled upon the very best food website. This week for Dinner, every Sunday the blog is updated with Jane's menu of the week. I have been trying out some of the recipes she does and so far all have been wonderful! I was quite proud of how the "Green Noodles" turned out I even made Colby get the camera out!

Here is the recipe:
Number 3, aka Green Noodles
- Spinach Fettuccine, 8 or 9 oz package
- 1 boneless/skinless chicken breast, cubed
- ~3/4 of a package of mushrooms, chopped
- ~2.5 oz prosciutto, chopped
- Pesto cream sauce
- Feta cheese, to taste
Saute chicken & mushrooms in a bit of olive oil. Add prosciutto once chicken is cooked and heat through. Cook pasta as directed on the package (I use fresh pasta). Drain.
Make a cream sauce with pesto mixed in…or buy the Garlic & Herb pasta mix (Knorr makes it, and one of the other brands makes it as well…don’t buy the pesto pasta mix, it’s not quite the right flavor). Follow as directed on the package, but use about 1/3 more milk…so if it calls for 1 1/2 cups milk, use 2 cups.

Mix everything together…pasta, chicken mixture & sauce. Add crumbled or cubed feta cheese at the end so it doesn’t melt away…but mix it in. Put in as little or as much as you like.
Makes enough for about 4 people.
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Oergel said...

I'm speechless! What a pretty dinner, love the dishes too. How did it taste?

Tracie said...

Yum! It looks and sounds delicious! Nice Work!

Are we there yet? said...

It tasted great!! Highly recommend!

Tracy said...

That looks good. I will be checking out that blog.

lana and drew said...

yum, yum! I give you a 10 on the presentation! Looks amazing!

Megan said...

Mmmmmmmm, mushrooms! :)