Sunday, September 7, 2008

Meanwhile , in a different part of the state

While they were driving to a baby shower in Rainier, Kim and her mom Terry were rear-ended. Both are okay but definitely never a fun experience. Kim was lucky enough to see the other driver coming (he was looking down at a map...and they say cell phones are dangerous) and managed to pull as much out of the way as she could without going into oncoming traffic.

The Altima took it's fair share of the hit but we are all impressed with the way it held up to the mean ol' truck.

Wish us luck as we begin the fun battles against insurance companies :O)

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Tracie said...

Sorry Kimmie...that's never fun. I hope the process with the insurance company is not too painful. Good Luck!

Tracy said...

So sad! Accidents are never any fun. I'm glad no one was hurt. Best of Luck.

Oergel said...

Still can't believe it happened in Yelm! About 1 block from the last accident I was in at least 40 years ago...... this time I had my seatbelt on! Thanks for doing such a good job trying to avoid the collision.