Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cougar Pride

The Cougars may not have won on Saturday but we still got pride! Colby and I watched the game on TV but I have to share the pictures of Aunt Wendy and Uncle Donny enjoying themselves at the pre-game festivities!

Wendy kicking it with Butch T. Cougar

G-O C-O-U-G-S!!! Uncle Donny giving a shout out with the ladies!

Win or Lose Cougars have the best time! Thank you Aunt Wendy for sharing the pictures! Colby's cousin Erik has started his first year at WSU and we are very excited to road trip over and visit! Slowly but surly we will convert the rest of the family! WAHAAHAHHAHH (Said in a Dr. Evil voice)


Oergel said...

Great photo's! Thanks for sharing.

lana and drew said...

too easy... BOW DOWN TO WASHINGTON!!!! I couldn't resist, there was TOO much cougar-ness that I had to throw my punch into it. muah ha ha ha!