Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night on the Needle

On New Year Eve eve.  Yes, you read that right :)  Colby and I headed into Seattle for a lovely dinner at the Space Needle.  We still had a gift certificate from Christmas last year to use.  I really wanted us to use it during Christmas time so Colby could see all of the wonderful lights around Seattle.  Colby remembered me saying this and went ahead and make reservations as a surprise.

The lights on the Seahawk Stadium were red and green.  It was so much fun to watch the ferries come and go as we dined.

We enjoyed grown-up conversation, drinks, and appetites!

Looking down on The Pacific Science Center.

Colby looked very handsome all dressed up!

Cute little note that passed us or did we pass it?  Not quite sure how who revolves.

Dinner was excellent!

Looking up at Queen Anne.

We took a walk around the upper level to walk off dinner and practice our photography skills with the new camera.

This light tree was out front of the Space Needle.

Then we headed to the Center of the Universe (AKA Ballard) to see if our favorite bakery was open and it was!! YEAH for Simply Desserts in Ballard!  We were able to get a slice of the white chocolate strawberry cake to go.

Next time I want to stop at this bar just for it's name "9 million in unmarked bills"
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Oergel said...

Nice post - looks like a great evening! Great photo's - the light tree is amazing.

lana and drew said...

ADORABLE!!! Miss you guys, awesome pics!

Tracie said...

Awesome post...It's been a long time since I've been up in the Space Needle...I've never eaten there, looks yummy! Great pictures!