Friday, January 13, 2012

27 Dresses

Santa brought Elle a dress up box...

Lovely lady dress with tutu, heels, tiara, and boa...

The shoes up close..

added on wings and shell purse

Yip, that is leather chaps, vest, bandanna, and gloves

Flapper dress, pearls, headband, mic, and pink heels


Sailor girl kissing brother

Come on Robin to the bat cave, there is no time to lose! Holy Christmas, Batman!

Race car driver!


Pretty princess

Bumble bee

Bee singing with Baylor

Singing songs to the crowd

working on her duet!


So many outfits, so little time!

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wienerhoneymooners said...

Love -love -love the flapper, and bee, and princess... Sailor is precious kissing little brother.

So much fun!

Oergel said...

Super cute! Elle will love the dress up clothes forever!