Thursday, December 16, 2010

Crèche 2010

Our good friends and neighbors Amy and Jeff  belong to the LDS church in our town.  Every year to celebrate the season their church holds a public Crèche event.  I believe I read that there were close to 400 on display this year.  Anyone in the community can participate and they place a card with the family that loaned it as well as where it is from.  It is amazing and really gets you in the holiday spirit!  We went last year and hope to continue going as it is a fun event to experience with our dear friends!

This is on the outside of the church and one of my favorites!

If I get back Chile I am going to pick up one of these as I just love the chickens and sleeping pup! 

We had a wonderful time plus Elle was able to make an ornament with Nora, Henry, Anne Marie, Charlie, Julia, and Kate!  Thanks A family for taking us!!
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Amy said...

We love you guys so much! This will be our new holiday tradition together:)

Oergel said...

Beautiful displays! Beautiful family.