Monday, November 22, 2010

Sophie's 7th

Okay so no excuses.  We have been super lazy about our blog and I apologize.  Work has been out of control for both Colby and myself and the last thing we wanted to do at night is spend more time online.  However, it is now almost the end of November *gulp* but we are back in business thanks to a super cool new laptop!  So where did we leave off. 

Ah, yes, Sophie's 7th birthday way back in September...

The fish party was awesome! 

The children decorated the their bowls and watched patiently until it was their turn to pick a fish! 

The canoe was a great place to eat cake!

Plus the paddle worked wonders on the fishy pinata!

Gia and Elle were able to sit back and chat while the others took turns whacking the pinata.

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