Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do The Puyallup

Yes, it's been a while since we have updated but don't worry, we have had our camera and there are many posts coming down the pipe.  The first set of random pictures I found were from our trip to the Puyallup fair. Kim's coworker Lana won some free tickets online.  You can see her story here.  They have the sample cow set up so all the kids can feel what it's like to milk a cow.  Elle wasn't too sure at first...

But then she figured out it was ok and she acted like she had been doing it for years.

Next, it was off to the Darigold building for some samples of regular and chocolate milk and eggnog.  Elle was definitely a fan of eggnog

Here's her audition for the next "Got Milk?" ad campaign

We wandered past some of the carnival games and Lana and Drew won Elle a cute little dog.  Have we mentioned how much Elle LOVES stuffed animals?

Next, it was off to the super slide for a trip down with Daddy. 
"Here Mr. Carney, please hold my baby"


Wow, that was SUPER fast!  Can we do it again?

Next, it was daddy's turn to win Elle a prize.  (The fuzzy dice he won at the Maple Valley carnival hadn't been a very big hit with Mommy)

So it was one...



and success!  Those many games pitching softball really paid off and Daddy (after a little negotiating) won Elle the super prize at that booth.

Elle was too tired at that point to be impressed :O)

Last stop was for an elephant ear, yum!

Thanks Lana and Drew for the awesome day at the fair.

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Oergel said...

Great photo's "The Puyallup" is the King of all fairs!

lana and drew said...

What a fun day. Thanks for coming with us and showing me the ropes at the fair.