Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Gavin

Sunday we headed down to Edgewood to meet Colby's cousin Sarah's newest baby, Gavin!  Sarah, Josh, and big brother Noah have a lot to be proud of!  Gavin is a heart breaker!

Elle wanted to walk but kept forgetting that she hasn't quite mastered it so we sat in the grass at the party and let her practice walking between us.  "Look at me!  I am with Daddy"

"Now, I am with Mommy!" 

Once Elle was tired of practicing we hit the swing.

Higher Momma!  Higher!

Rock on!!

I think they were strategizing how to get even higher!

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lana and drew said...

Next time I see you Elle, I will try and teach you to the Fist of Rock. You have the face & pump down. super cute!

Ken and Sydnie said...

So glad you got to see Gavin! I'm sure Elle was more excited about seeing the swing than the baby.

Oergel said...

Great photo's - cute baby!