Monday, July 12, 2010

Date Night, Date Night!

Colby and I went on a date!  YEAH for parents!  Grami and Poppi gave Colby a gift certificate for two tickets and parking for an M's game and Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit!  Thank you to both as we loved our night out!!

Colby and I tried out the Elysian Fields Brewery before the game.

We had to try out the "The Mens Room Original Red"  it is brewed for The Mens Room Radio Show.  Our favorite radio show to listen to on the way home from work.  I think it reduces our stress level as we both laugh our heads off at the question of the day and bad joke Friday while driving home.

Cheers to date night!!

This is the only picture/video of the game.  It is the of the field crew dancing to "Hammer Time" while raking the field.  Apparently we thought it was really funny!

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Ken and Sydnie said...

We can't wait till you take more date nights! Thanks for letting us Elle-sit!

Oergel said...

I think I recognize those Hammer Pants! Fun times.

Tracie said...

Great job on Date Night...we still haven't figured that one out. We keep talking about it; just never actually do it.