Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready to go

I was looking especially cute this past weekend!  Momma picked up some little clips for me as my bangs are starting to get into my eyes. I may need a haircut before my 1st birthday!

Practicing my GQ look with my new sunglasses!

How do I look??

Ah, ready to go!  Momma was such a spoil sport and took the clippie and sunglasses until we arrived at our destination... Oh, well at least I still have my giraffe! 
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Oergel said...

CUTE!!! Cute and very cute. Thanks for the update.

Sydnie said...

So adorable!

Kristen Jeffers said...

Cute glasses. Does she play with the sophie often? I got Griffin one for Easter and I'm crossing my fingers that he adores it. (I had to do a lot of smooth talking to convince his dad to let me get it.)

Ken and Sydnie said...

Nice shades. She is going to be one style concious little girl.


Tania said...

She is so cute. Paytyn used to chew on her glasses too. Now she doesn't like to take them off. I agree, she is going to be one stylish girl.