Thursday, March 25, 2010

Do you like my socks?

My friend Michelle and her Fiancé Bill went to Japan and they brought us back the greatest prizes!  I love flip flops so what do you buy someone who loves them??

Socks that are separated for your big toe of course!  I was wearing yoga capris around the house when I tried the socks on but my legs were hairy (aka I am married).  So I pulled them down for the picture, dumb huh?  Good thing is I actually went out and bought new razors so I am now leg hair free!  Too much info, sorry!

 The next prize involves a waving kitty!

It is a kitchen towel with the lucky waving kitty!  Now every time I do my dishes this pretty little kitty will make me smile and possibly wave, if no one is looking!

For Miss Elle, Michelle really out did herself!

It is a pattern to make Elle super cute skirts!  I will be putting babelfish and Mom to work helping me figure out the pattern!  I am planning to order some Japanese fabric so the skirts will be super authentic looking!  This will be project #53, perfect as the skirt looks to be for age 6-7, so I have sometime :)

For the house:

A beautiful vintage block poppy picture. I am on the quest for the perfect frame!  Thank you Michelle for thinking of us!!
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Oergel said...

Such a thoughtful friend. I noticed the waving kitty was just like the cookie jar in "Chuck's" apartment this week. Love the socks - very green!