Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

This weekend, we decorated our tree and house for Christmas. Since our new house has vaulted ceilings, we decided to get the biggest tree we could find. This was a bit of a problem for Colby's back and our garage.

Colby showing the tree who's boss around these parts.

With such a big tree, we had room to hang most of our ornaments. Many hadn't seen the light of day in years on our "apartment size" trees.

The finished masterpiece.

An 80's looking picture of the tree. Kim wanted tinsel but I used my veto rights.

Holly, Brian, and Tanner brought back this nice Mickey Christmas throw and it looks wonderful on our couch. Notice the decorations in the background. The whole house is now very festive.
I also braved the ladder to get the lights up on the outside of the house. Luckily I did it Saturday because today was very wet out.

Saturday night, Holly and Brian had us over for a Bunco party. On our way, we passed a house in Issaquah that had won a prestigious prize (the leg lamp). It looked to be French and I'm sure it was FRAGILE.

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Adrift said...

I havent had a tree ... since forever ... makes me feel like going home early for christmas n getting a tree n getting it all dolled up ... sigh ... yours look lovely all lit

Mr.Wall said...
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Oergel said...

Your tree and house decorations look amazing! So Colby, what's wrong with tinsel???

Oergel said...

PS: The lamp looks familiar. Was it in the Sears Roebuck Christmas Wishbook back in 1952?

lana and drew said...

Ok so the tree is around 2 times the height of me. Totally the Costco size tree, but so pretty! Love the start on the top, want to trade with our helmet???

Tracy said...

Love your new header! The tree looks beautiful.