Monday, August 4, 2008

Tag, you are it!

My sister Tracy and now sister-in-law Tracie tagged me to show the following parts of the house. The deal is to photograph the rooms without cleaning up, wiping down, or hiding anything. I had Christy, Liz, and Corrie over so the house was clean from the get go :)

1. The Fridge: Yes, it is full of drinks but we are thirsty people! Notice the the top container it is dough for homemade bread!!

2. My closet: Not too shabby but a lot of sweaters up top for this coming winter.

3. Self portrait: Got to say I love taking pictures of myself. Cracks me up! Cheesy and tired, I know.

4. Favorite room: Right now I am in love with our kitchen. I am starting to test out all of the cool gadgets and gizmo's we got for our wedding. We seem to hang out in the kitchen when people come over as you can sit at the bar and talk while cooking. Notice I didn't clean off the bar and I even started working on my voting ballot! So grown up!

5. Kitchen Sink: Very boring, I would have taken a better picture but our neighbor was out working on the fence right out the kitchen window and I didn't want him to think I was a freak taking his picture.

6. Laundry room: Not too exciting, I did all the laundry on Sunday evening.

7. Toilet: Figured the little bathroom is the most used and cute, plus clean again having people over for the weekend helps :)

8. What are the kids up to: None to report on at this time. I just liked this picture of the beachballs! Note this from google images from eye vision.

9. Dream Vacation: Anywhere warm with a beach. Colby would say Australia. I just like sand and cool drinks!

10. Favorite shoes: These are my most prized shoes. Plus I threw in one pair of Colby's flips as I like when he gets to wear them as it usually means we are on vacation!!

Well these are a few of my favorite things! Now tag you are it!!

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Tracie said...

Great Job Kimmie! I love your kids! Very clever :-)

Tracy said...

So do the three beach balls mean three kids? I kid!!! I'm glad you did the tag.

Oergel said...

Never expected you to love a kitchen as your favorite room.
My baby is all grown-up!