Monday, February 18, 2008

You can make imaginary pictures in your mind

Well, it's been almost a week and no posts so I thought the blog needed at least something. We have been so busy moving the there was no chance to stop for a photo op. Most of the stuff is in the new "temp" house. It's amazing how much stuff we crammed into that little apartment (not to mention some of the stuff we didn't know about). We took two trips out to the site this weekend and didn't have the camera for either. The footings are holding strond and the boards are in place waiting for the foundation to be poured. We will probably head out tomorrow to check on it again and I promise more pictures. Hope everyone is feeling well (it seems like people are getting sick all over).


Oergel said...

We are all healthy in Ellensburg. The sun is shining but it's cold..... brrrrr 30 degrees.

Tracie said...

We all have runny noses in Spokane. The sun is shining here too, but it's also very cold.