Friday, February 22, 2008

Got wood??

Our Lumber has arrived!!!

They say that this stage of the building goes fast but we weren't expecting this in 3 days. We went down to the house and stared at the construction workers until they left. While we waited, we finally saw the first train go through. It really wasn't too bad but it was definitely in for the long haul. It took a good 5 minutes to pass. The walls didn't lok sturdy enough for us to wander through the house, but it was nice to walk around it and look at structure. We are also going to have some amazing light coming in the front windows during sunsets. Can't wait!!!


Tracie said...

Wow! Looks good so far! So exciting!!! I can't wait to see you next weekend. Love, Tracie

Tracy said...

That is darn exciting.

Oergel said...

Trains are a good thing! Dad said he will be working on that track at times.... lunch?